Cubic right angle weave sculpture measures 6" wide by 5 1/2" high. It is made with 11/0 seed beads. The unique feature about this piece is that it has three different designs depending on the viewing angle.

"Abstract Sculpture"

Abstract Sculpture 1 Abstract Sculpture 2 Abstract Sculpture 5 Abstract Sculpture 7

The dollar bill is worked in cubic right angle weave. It is approximately the size of a real dollar, 5" x 2 1/2". I used a real dollar bill as my pattern for this piece. The beaded dollar bill is made with 15/0 seed beads. It has the front and the back of the bill. I worked the dollar in rows. I worked the front and the back of the bill at the same time. The title for this piece is "It's Tough to Make a Buck".

"Dollar Bill"

Dollar Bill in Cubic RAW 429 Dollar Bill in Cubic RAW 433 Dollar Bill in Cubic RAW 434 Dollar Bill in Cubic RAW 437

The Patchwork Beaded Vessel is a three dimensional cup-shaped freeform art object. It is worked in Peyote stitch using 11/0 seed beads, 8/0 seed beads, Delica® beads, bead mix, decorative beads, and wire shapes that are incorporated into the beading. The vessel measures approximately 1 ½” high x 2 ½” diameter, not including the legs.

"Patchwork Beaded Vessel"

Patchwork_Beaded_Vessel12 IMG_0668 Patchwork_Beaded_Vessel8

"Swordfish Stiletto"

The swordfish stiletto is bead embroidery on Ultrasuede®. It is my version of an antique stiletto swordfish. It is beaded with size 15/0 seed beads. The swordfish measures 4 1/2" including the metal stilello. I used an antique stiletto for the sword.

Swordfish Stiletto Left Side Swordfish Stiletto Right Side

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