Gallery of Miniature Beaded Bears

Miniature beaded bears are approximately 1 ½ inches high. Each bear is 5-ways jointed. Bears are made with size 15/0 beads. The bears are soft stuffed with Ultrasuede®. No patterns are available for the miniature bears.

Blue Panda

Blue Panda Sitting Front Blue Panda Standing Blue Panda Sitting Right Side

Black Panda

Black Panda Standing Left Side Black Panda Sitting Black Panda Standing

Honey Bear

Honey Bear Standing Left Side 1 Honey Bear Standing Left Side 2 Honey Bear Sitting

Clown Bears

Clown Bear 2 Standing 1 Clown Bear 2 Sitting 2 Clown Bear 2 Sitting 1 Clown Bear 1 Standing Clown Bear 1 Standing Right Side Clown Bear 1 Sitting

Witch Bear

Witch Bear Standing 1 Witch Bear Standing 2 Witch Bear Sitting 1

Muzzle Bear

Muzzle Bear Sitting Right Muzzle Bear Sitting Muzzle Bear Standing 1 Muzzle Bear Standing 2

Brown Bear

Brown Bear 1 Brown Bear Sitting Brown Bear Sitting Right Side

Multi-Colored Bear

Multi-Colored Standing Multi-Colored Sitting Front 1 Multi-Colored Sitting Front 2 Multi-Colored Sitting Right Side

Basket Bunny

Basket Bunny 2 Basket Bunny 1

Pirate Bear

Pirate 2 Pirate 1

Santa Bear

Santa 2 Santa 1

Blue Jean Bunny

Blue Jean Bunny 4 Blue Jean Bunny 3 Blue Jean Bunny 2 Blue Jean Bunny 1

Uncle Same Bear

Uncle Sam 2 Uncle Sam 1

Panda Clown

Panda Clown 2 Panda Clown 3 Panda Clown 1

Ballerina Bear

Ballerina Bear 1 Ballerina Bear 2

Ice Skater Bear

Ice Skater Bear 1

Calico Cat

Calico Cat 2 Calico Cat 1

Black and White Cat

Black and White Cat 2 Black and White Cat 1

"Magician Bear Automaton"

Magician Bear Automator 3

My magician bear is from a drawing I did about five years ago. I wanted to create movement in my beadwork by making an automaton bear that would actually have the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. My goal was to combine my love of automatons with my beadwork. The bear is one and a half inches high. He is worked in Peyote stitch with size 15/0 seed beads. You can see my bear doing his act at

Magician Bear Automator 5

My second miniature beaded automaton is a cat with a fish bowl. Turn the handle, and the cat pulls the goldfish out of the beaded fish bowl. The automaton sitting cat is 1" high on a 3/4" plastic base. The base holds my hand made mechanism. The cat and the fishbowl are beaded with size 15/0 seed beads. The cat is fully jointed.  You can see my bear doing his act at 

"Miniature Beaded Cat Automaton "

Cat Fishing 1 Cat Fishing 2 Cat Fishing 3 Cat Fishing 4

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