Frogs 3 Sizes Top

"Warts and All"

Frog Pincushions

Bead Embroidery

Frogs 3 Sizes Bottom Frogs 3 Sizes Row
Mouse Holding Right Side Mouse Holding Left Side

"Mouse Works"

Pincushion Thimble Holder

Bead Embroidery

Mouse Holding Front Side Mouse Holding Back Side
Ouch Sitting Front Ouch Sitting Right

"Ouch! My Back Hurts"


Bead Embroidery

Ouch Standing Right Ouch Standing Left
Harlequin Pincushion Front Harlequin Pincushion Back



Right Angle Weave



"Fish" Pincushion 

Bead embroidered on Ultrasuede®. The "Fish" pincushion is made with size 15/0 seed beads and semi-precious stone eyes. The pincushion measures 3 ¼ by ¾ inches.

Fish Pincushion 2 Fish Pincushion 1 Fish Pincushion 3

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