Nile Green Cabochon Necklace

"Green Nile"

Cabochon Necklace

Peyote and Bead Embroidery

"Blue Sea"

Cabochon Necklace

Peyote and Bead Embroidery

Blue Sea Cabonchon Necklace 2 Blue Sea Cabochon Necklace 1

"Totally Tubular Necklace"

Peyote stitch with beaded beads in a variety of stitches.

IG Totally Tubular Necklace Gold Necklace Picture 10 Necklace Website 25


Nametag necklace for Azure Verde EGA

Square stitch name tag with spiral rope neck chain.

Azure Verde Nametag Necklace 05a Azure Verde Nametag Necklace 09

"Needle Artists by the Sea"

Nametag necklace

Square stitch name tag with netted neck chain.

NAS Necklace 04b NAS Necklace 05

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